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End of year report from Hungarian Cricket Association

Our results and achievements this season

  • Our budding school cricket program has been delivered tirelessly in schools across Budapest by our three coaches Fanni Cziraky, Claudia Balogh and Krisztian Molnar, reaching 14 schools, and 2000 children in regular sessions. An inter-school competition was to crown the year's work with 50 children participating. Well done on all your hard work, more to come in 2016!

  • Due to the amazing work of the school program team we were sponsored by Cricket Factory with another 15 cricket factory sets, and an additional 10 sets by ICC Europe - we are now almost ready to train PE teachers in the joys of cricket.

  • In the 2016 league Baggy Blues International took the top prize - congratulations to all!

  • Zeeshan Kukikhel from 11 Stars got more awards he could carry, including Cricketer of the Year.

  • The Spirit of Cricket 2016 award went to Andrew Harben and Kovacs Moni - without such amazing help from them we couldn't have run cricket events as successfully as we did - THANK YOU!

  • The National 11 fought their battles in two international tournaments in Romania and Malta, being a worthy opponent to a team once qualified in ICC Division 2. A lot of good points to take from this season and a few to work on for the coming season.

  • There were 17 other cricket events all over Hungary with almost 8000 people participating. One of them was the EU funded European Sport Week where we went out in full force - a serious achievement for a sport association our size! Thank you for all the volunteers and coaches for working tirelessly to bring cricket to more and more people in Hungary.

  • The first beginner cricket classes for adults already yielded one full-fledged native cricketer Polik Tamas who joined the Kangas in 2015 - amazing achievement! These training sessions are now ongoing, providing the perfect entry point for absolute beginners - keep them coming!

And once again, thanks for all the participants of Hungarian cricket who made this another enjoyable and fulfilling year. Happy holidays and new year, more to come in 2016!

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