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Svanholm win their annual Christmas indoor tournament

Svanholm's Christmas indoor tournament has been a festive feature for many years, but in 2015 something special took place.

Two Jutland teams had made the journey to Schneekloth-Hallen for the first time.


Pool A

Svanholm 117/4 (Jonas Henriksen 37x, Saif Ahmad 36x, Saud Munir 20, Zacharia Raja 3/12) beat Ishøj 116 (Nabil Akhtar 29, Zacharia Raja 29x)

Ishøj 67/1 (Zacharia Raja 21x) beat KB 75 (Zaryan Safdar 25x)

Svanholm 45/0 (Saud Munir 21x) beat KB 42 (Hassan Ali 20x, Jonas Henriksen 3/9)

Pool B

AB 105/4 (Suleman Naim 31x, Ammar Haider 23x, Annique Uddin 20, Abdullah Mahmood 4/23 herimellem et hattrick) beat Svanholm II 31.

Odense/Esbjerg 43/2 (Saran 3/9) beat Horsens 42.

Odense/Esbjerg 62/3 (Saad 21) beat AB 61 (Saram 3/13).

Horsens 54/2 beat Svanholm II 53.

Odense/Esbjerg 112/4 (Saran 36x, Saad 27) beat Svanholm II 110 (Hsnain Kiyani 21)

AB 99/3 (Suleman Naeem 21x, Mudabar 21x) beat Horsens 98 (Sanjay 30).


Svanholm 143/3 ( Saif Ahmad med 39x, Jonas Henriksens 27x, Abdullah Mahmood 31x) beat Odense Esbjerg 84 (Suad Sheick 20x)

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