Jersey Cricket continue local cricket development programme

During the 2015 autumn term the Jersey Cricket Board has continued its development of local cricket in Jersey with the support of the Ana Leaf Foundation.

Throughout October, November and December the JCB have been developing skills of over 625 Key Stage 1 Children across 12 Jersey Primary schools.

The programme focuses on the FUNdamental stage of the Long Term Athlete Development model. The skills taught include throwing, catching and striking.

Jersey Cricket Development Manager Lee Meloy added “This stage in a child’s development is vital in establishing a solid foundation for them to enhance their future sporting endeavours”.

Janvrin School PE Teacher Steve Ashton commented, “The FUNdamental skills program has had a great impact upon the development of physical literacy of children. Many of the skills that have been practised not only apply to cricket, but to PE and sport in general”.

Lynette Ferguson, Year 2 teacher at St Martin’s School added “I feel the sessions are well planned to suit the needs of younger children. It is clear how each session has built on prior learning and our children have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and look forward to Thursdays!”