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First Cricket Switzerland Women's Practice

Cricket Switzerland Women

The first Women's Indoor Cricket Session took place on a cold foggy morning on Saturday 5th December 2015 at the Kantonschule Hottingen.

Despite being quite early for a Saturday morning, the full squad was on time and geared up.

The event began with welcome address by ZCCC coach Patrick Henderson. And with no time wasted, the team was split into groups to begin with catching practice and a warm up.

The session then moved on to running between the wickets, with tips on how to hold the bat while running and how to slide into the crease. Although all novices and new to the technicalities of the sport, Dhannya's quick running between the wickets motivated the rest to run faster.

By now most had their hair tied up and sleeves rolled up to get down to batting. The straight drive with the front foot had cricket balls flying. The powerful straight shots delivered by Karin almost left holes in the walls!

After the first drinks break, the girls were trained on throwing the ball towards the wicket. Little did we know we had 'Jonty Rhodes' amogst us, Jenny's 4 out of the 5 throws hit directly at the stumps. With some great throws and some close misses, the coach decided it was time for a game.

Ushma's runs and Dhannya's fours took the score to an instant high. Neha's multiple super fours and a six, hit the walls so high up, it left the fielders with no choice but to be amazed. Two-time not out players Jacyntha and Sejal tested the bowlers skills and kept the score board ticking.

The game was a great insight for all - and indeed great fun.

With encouragement from the coach and team participants, the ladies were so much into the game that little did they realise the time for the session was up.

Veena Mampilly, Cricket Switzerland's Women's Development Officer, said after the session, "The first session ended on a positive high and the feedback from the team was a unanimous, 'thumbs up'. I would like to thank Patrick Henderson for his immense patience in explaining the game in the simplest form possible. I would also like to thank Winterthur Cricket Club members Jiten Patel and Tom Mampilly for their support during the training sessions".

More indoor training sessions are planned after the holiday season. For further information on how to get involved in subsequent training sessions contact Veena Mampilly.

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