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Continental European Women's squad announced for Vienna Wintercup

The Association of Continental European Cricket Development has announced its squad of 7 players for the Vienna Wintercup on 20-21 February 2016.

The squad was selected from players who attended the November coaching camp in Munich.

The players are:-

Stephanie Frohnmayer (Germany)

Monique Theron (Germany)

Cindy Breteche (France)

Nicky Thrupp (Belgium)

Jenny King (France)

Zara Sands (Belgium)

Claudia Balogh (Hungary)

Manager: Patrick Demaerschalk (Belgium)

Also taking part in the competitions will be Vienna CC, Seebarn CC, SNASY (All Austria), ECAD Deaf VI, Half Volleys, Touregs, Polygons (all UK) and Warsaw Hussars (Poland)

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