Interview with Cricket Romania's Cristina Olaru

Cristina Olaru’s sporting CV is impressive, even more so since she added cricket to it. Her sports administration skills are proving to be an important asset to the Cricket Romania team.

How important is sport to you? It’s very important because all my life I’ve played sport.

What other sports have you played competitively? Handball, athletics (especially running - short, middle and long distance), basketball and kayaking.

Do you like playing sport, or are you more of a spectator? Obviously I prefer playing to watching, but I like watching sport too (except soccer). I go to the gym most days in a week, and to aerobics classes and kangoo classes, and I’m also an aerobics instructor.

What did you know about cricket, before you started working at Cricket Romania? Nothing, absolutely zero. I knew the difference between cricket and croquet - that’s about it.

What attracted you to cricket initially? Initially, because it was presented to me as if I was attending a picnic. I thought it was nice that you don’t have to sit on a chair, you can sit on the grass, and watch.