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New ICC Europe Divisions announced

Austria, Norway, France and Belgium have been placed in ICC's WCL Europe Division 1, which will move from a Twenty20 to a 50 over tournament.

They will be joined by Jersey and/or Guernsey if they are relegated from ICC WCL Division 5 which takes place in Jersey in May 2016.

There may also be a place for a promoted team or teams from ICC WCL Europe Division 2, which will include Spain, Isle of Man, Germany, Israel, Gibraltar and Sweden.

Finland and Greece are glaring ommisions from this list of teams and we understand at least one of those nations has challenged ICC Europe's decision.

ICC WCL Division 6 has been scrapped as the ICC continue to reduce their commitment to Associate & Affiliate cricket on the wider scale.

Further information on these events, including dates and locations, will follow in 2016.

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