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German Women’s Cricket Programme in 2016

DCB Women’s Officer Monika Loveday has released the programme for women’s cricket in 2016 in Germany.

The highlight will be the national team taking part in an international tournament in Denmark in early August. This will be preceded in May by a tour to Bologna, Italy to play some friendly matches against rivals Italy. This will be funded by the team themselves.

Domestically, it is planned to seperate the Bundesliga into two regions to allow for new teams to enter. The winners of the Bundesliga Nord will then play the winners of the Bundesliga Süd in order to determine who will be German Champions.

It is also planned that a German team will travel regularly to the Netherlands to take part in the Dutch league, something we hope will improve standards even further.

And before the season starts there will be an indoor tournament in Göttingen. Any club who has at least 6 female players is welcome to take part.

If you want any more information on any of these events please contact Monika Loveday on

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