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Hungary Cricket training programme for beginners

The Hungarian Cricket Association have launched a 10 week long cricket training program for beginners.

Where? Only one minute walk from Nagyvárad tér metro station (M3) - in Raoul Wallenberg School gym

When? Starting on November 13 FRIDAY On Fridays from 5.00pm-6.30pm (for 10 weeks)

Cost: Student's season ticket 7500 HUF/10 sessions Normal season ticket 9500 HUF/10 sessions Pay-as-you-go 1500 HUF/1.5 hours Bring a friend and get a further discount - ask for the details by email.

What you can gain from starting cricket? • Become member of a group with bunch of cool, English speaking people • You can learn something new and very different from other sports • You will understand all the details during the sessions. • You can find connection to Hungarians. • You can leave all week’s stress behind you, and be fit for the Friday night party

Let’s see the advantages of cricket… • Non-contact, so the risk of injury is low. Indoor cricket is quick and exciting. Success and enjoyment is guaranteed. • No need for special skills – cricket is about bowling, batting, catching, jumping, throwing etc. • Girls and boys can play on the same field in the same team • We use plastic equipment for indoor cricket, you don’t need anything more than a bat and a ball to play, which we will provide. You can start it at any age with any fitness level. Cricket is the right pick, if you don’t like running much.

To sign up contact Fanni Cziráky by email on or call on 06 30 536 45 66

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