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Cricket promoted in Zagreb as part of Indian culture project

Hundreds of people had a chance to get familiarised with the sport of cricket in the Croatian capital on Saturday.

Members of the Zagreb Cricket Club (Paul Musin, Ivan Slipcevic, Akshay Daxini, Marko Mance, Manish Kumar) were at Zagreb Zoo in Maksimir on Saturday presenting cricket as part of a programme to promote Indian culture.

Organised by the Indian Cultural Centre in Zagreb, at various locations inside the zoo there were areas dedicated to aspects of Indian culture, including a cricket stand.

A number of kids had the chance to check out some cricket equipment up close, as well as getting a chance to have a hit. The cricket went down well, so well that even one small boy was in tears when his parents told him he had enough and they were moving on to other parts of zoo.

The donkeys however might not be so keen for the cricketers to return with the 6 balls being hit into their nearby enclosure.

There were no reports of any ducks!

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