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Social Distancing Net Cricket Matches - 1 v 1 now playable!

Updated: May 16

It may well be that 11 a side full cricket matches aren't permitted this summer in the UK, and other countries due to Covid-19. We're still being positive and hoping that won't be the case but we've also come up with a back up idea so competitive cricket matches can be played between teams whilst still observing Social Distancing once we're all allowed to mix in slightly larger groups.

Matches shouldn't take more than an hour so it should be possible to run 8-10 matches on a weekend day. This gives more access to more club members than might otherwise be possible. Matches could even be internal only.

1 v 1 matches are now able to be played. This means two players are getting a good competitive net with an aim, rather than just a one hour thrash. Don't forget to follow ECB guidelines.

We have developed a scoresheet for you to use, which you can download:-

Social Distanced Net Game Scoresheetpdf



Teams shall be 1-5 players a side.

In 3-5 players a side matches, two nets can be used with each team batting at the same time.

To maintain social distancing, only one player from each team, plus an umpire, are allowed in each net. The umpire should run the game from behind the net, as required by Social Distancing. Any other players must be outside of the net and observing social distancing. Players must use their own ball which cannot be shared with other players.

All non-batting bowlers bowl overs, as above, against each batter. In 2-5 a side matches, the next batter must be ready to bat as soon as the previous batter leaves the net.

Run Scoring Hitting the ball into either of the first two side nets closest to the batter – 1 run Hitting the ball into the 3rd net from the batter – 2 runs Hitting the ball into other side nets before the bowler’s stumps – 3 runs Hitting the ball along the ground past the bowler’s stumps, without hitting a net before it passes – 4 runs Hitting the ball in the air past the bowler’s stumps, without hitting a net before it passes – 6 runs

If the bowler touches the ball and it subsequently hits a net, then runs apply as above.

Dismissals Wickets are lost as follows: -

Bowled, LBW, Hit Wicket, Caught by the bowler (the ball must not hit a net first) as per normal cricket

“Electric keeper” – any ball hit which then hits the back net anywhere, without bouncing, is out “Caught”

“Top Net” – any ball hitting the top net before it passes the bowler’s stumps, having not previously hit another net, is out “Caught”

The batting team lose 5 runs for each wicket lost.

Extras Extras are scored as follows: -

No Balls – Standard age group rules Wides – As above Leg Byes – Normal cricket rules, runs scored as per off the bat, if the batter doesn’t hit the ball Byes – There are no byes

Result The team with the most runs, after dismissals, shall be the winning team. If scores are level it shall be a tie, regardless of wickets lost. In a knockout match, a Super Over will take place.

In a league match, the winning teams will score 4 points.

Points are also awarded for “skins” with each batter in the order competing against their opposite number for a “skin”. Each “skin” is worth 1 point or ½ point for a tie.


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