Weekend Fun - Word Search answers

The weekend word search answer is below. The words found are also the crossword answers so you can check that too! #cricket #homecricket #coronacricket

Weekend Fun - Cricket Crossword & Word Search

This weekend we have created a crossword and word search with the same answers. Find the crossword answers you don't know in the word search! Post the answers below. You will need to sign up to add comments. #cricket #homecricket #coronacricket

Which shots are in your locker?

When you're walking out to bat, in a game or a practice, what are you thinking about? Probably the match situation/net scenario, who is bowling, the conditions, the fielding positions. Anything else? Which shots are you looking to play? Which shots are you hoping not to play and what is your plan to deal with deliveries bowled to you in these areas? Golfers are allowed 14 clubs in their bags. There's probably around 20 different types of clubs, Woods, Irons, etc. that they could choose but they have to leave some behind. If they're carrying their own bag around a course, they might even choose to bring less than 14 to make the bag lighter! Batting in cricket is very similar. There are proba

Weekend Fun - Cricket Word Search

There are 20 cricketing terms hidden in the grid below. Can you find them? Words can be frontwards, backwards, diagonal or diagonal backwards! Good luck! If you find all 20, send us your answers! #cricket #homecricket #coronacricket

Surrey Cricket Academy - Five throwing drills

Surrey Cricket Academy have come up with 5 throwing drills for the back garden while under lock down. Throwing drill 1 Throwing drill 2 Throwing drill 3 Throwing drill 4 Throwing drill 5 #cricket #backyardcricket #homecricket #coronacricket #fielding #surreycricket

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