St James' Cricket Club intra-club match in Wandsworth

Sunday morning: We have the pitch, but not sure how many students will turn up. Storms are forecast anyway, so it’ll probably be a washout. Maybe we can try again in a couple of weeks. Sunday afternoon: What were we so pessimistic about?!! Organizer’s spirits are lifted, as 21 enthusiastic players have arrived for the start time. The storm clouds have evaded us (for now). The St James’ CC intra-club match is about to begin! Playing on this glorious Sunday afternoon were 2 representative teams, made up of Ernest Bevin College students and teachers, St James’ CC regulars, and boys from the Twenty20 Community Academy. A 35 over friendly game was agreed. This was a great opportunity for the youn

5 Pinsent Masons Scholarships awarded to Borough Academy young cricketers

We are delighted to announce that 5 young cricketers have been awarded Pinsent Masons Scholarships in partnership with the Denis Jacobs Youth Cricket Trust (DJYCT) for 2018. The scholars have been selected through Twenty20 Community Cricket’s not for profit Borough State School Academy programme, which has run in six London & Surrey Boroughs since September 2017, sponsored by DJYCT. The 2018 scholars will be attending a trial on 10th June after which they will be allocated to appropriate Surrey Cricket programmes, including potentially Surrey Performance squads. For 2018-19, the programme is being extended to cover 12 Boroughs with the potential for additional scholarships to be awarded next

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