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International Cricket Development

We can help your national board or club with their development.


Starting with an expenses only cost visit to your club/country, we can advise on a number of key areas: -


Player Recruitment
Finding new and retaining existing players can be challenging but there are some neat shortcuts which can be used to bolster playing ranks. Realistically around 150 players are needed to be able to comfortably fulfil ICC membership requirements of 8 senior teams. We can work with clubs and countries to source, engage with and retain players.


Pathway Development
One of the key ways to retain players is to give them a clear pathway. At senior level this will be a national team and potentially a regional competition sitting just below that. A "carrot" is a great way to keep players engaged. Building a pathway for countries is a key part of local development and we have strong experience with pathways including for the ECB.

This also extends to develop the junior and women’s game.

Having over a decade’s experience developing cricket in state schools in the UK and working with other countries to develop their schools programme, we can help countries design, set up and deliver, a junior programme with an appropriate pathway.

Coaching the Belgium National Women’s team in and out of competition has also given us strong experience of women’s cricket overseas and we can help countries set up their women & girls pathway and programme.


Native Engagement
Probably one of the weakest areas, across Europe in particular, is native engagement and still after more than 25 years of cricket in the continent, the number of natives taking part in cricket locally is at an extremely low level. We have several ways to engage with locals to help bolster player numbers in the longer term and help cricket become sustainable to underpin the uncertain long-term futures of many ex-pat communities.

Talent ID
For the senior pathway it’s important to set up an independently run robust Talent ID programme. This will allow players from a range of communities compete for places in the national and representative level teams. We have experience in Talent ID locally within junior and national senior level programmes.


We have over a decade’s experience of coaching overseas and nearly 20 years coaching at grassroots level. We can help you set up coaching programmes locally and run masterclasses during our annual visits.

Local Competition
Finding enough players to make up 8 senior teams is one challenge, but delivering and administering these competitions can be another problem major problem for local volunteers. Having run indoor and outdoor leagues at regional level and competitions overseas, we can help you with all parts of competition organisation and administration and take the pressure off local volunteers.

National Level Competition
Since 2012 we have been part of international competition across the continent, attending and participating in international events in Estonia, Greece, Malta and the UK. We can help your country find the right level of affordable, attainable competition to support grassroots development programmes.

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