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Cricket Club Development

Not attaining or retaining junior cricketers?

Struggling to find volunteers?

Junior teams losing more than they win?

Not retaining enough All Stars into your junior section?

Older juniors not making the transition to senior cricket?

Our club development motto is RETAIN ATTAIN SUSTAIN PERFORM

We have been running junior cricket sections since 2004 and have supported clubs at all levels from starting new sections, to growing sections to over 500 juniors and everything in between.

In recent years we have developed strategies for All Stars retention and the increasing challenge of retaining junior players into senior cricket.

Times change and working full time in cricket coaching and development, we have our fingers on the pulse and have up to date ideas already working in cricket clubs.

We have also run and continue to be involved with some of the biggest junior leagues in the country.

How we can help

  • Initial meeting to discuss the current challenges

  • Recommendations on how to create progress

  • On-going support to facilitate change

What we need

  • A genuine open mind and a desire to change from everyone involved

  • A committee willing to invest in improving their club for the long-term

What will it cost?

Retaining just one under 8 into adult cricket is worth around £1,000 to a cricket club with subs, match fees, bar takings, etc.


Retaining and attaining new players can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to reinvest into your cricket club.


We know clubs are generally not well off and don’t want to stress out the treasurer!


We aim to provide all the support you need for as little as possible. In some instances, it might not actually cost the club any money at all.

Find out more

Contact us via email at

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