Cricket Camps & Courses

Since 2009, our Twenty20 Cricket Camps & Courses have entertained thousands of children in the south east of England.

What to Expect

Fun!  It’s not school, it’s the holidays so we want everyone to have fun. As a company we have a player-centric approach and pride ourselves on trying to make sure everyone is happy.


Coaching – We are a coaching company and, for those who are receptive to it, there will be plenty of hints and tips.  We hope that everyone will go away a better cricketer and having an even deeper love of the game.


Coaches – We have two of our full-time coaching team running every camp with additional coaching support as needed according to numbers.  The coaches spend their days all year round coaching in schools, cricket clubs, running our Surrey Performance and Borough State School Cricket Academies and coaching National Teams in Europe so they have plenty of experience and know how to handle every situation.


On Arrival

You will register with the head coach who will ask you to sign in and will make your child at home.  We will explain everything they need to know including where to put their lunch bag (don’t forget to bring a packed lunch!). If there are any medical issues we need to be aware of, this will be the time to speak to the head coach about it, if necessary, although we will have some details on your booking form.


We usually start with some whole group warm-ups on day one and then, once everyone has arrived, we will break into groups.


What will happen

At most camps there will be a hard ball group and a soft ball group.  At smaller camps there may just be one group split by age/ability or with some joint activities.


During the day there will be a mixture of fun games and drills with some hard ball nets for those playing hard ball cricket most days and, usually in the afternoon, a hard ball Twenty20 match.  At our bigger camps where we have lots of hard ball players there may even be a match in the morning too!


For those playing hard ball don’t forget to bring any kit you might have.  If you don’t have any it’s not a problem but you will need to bring a box to wear when batting.  We can lend you anything else you need.


For our indoor courses we do broadly the same thing although we will have a softball indoor game instead of a hard ball game due to the hall size.  We run the Junior & Senior Indoor Cricket Leagues in Surrey, so we love indoor cricket matches – they are a lot of fun and everyone can get involved!


Some children wear their whites, some tracksuits and some wear our Twenty20 shirts they’ve picked up from other activities with us.  You can also buy a Twenty20 shirt, at cost price, from our website if you’d like.  Delivery is around two weeks so make sure you order as early as you can, so you have it for the camp.



The English summers aren’t perfect, but we don’t have many days lost thankfully.  We always try to get outside if we can, so we recommend some warm/wet weather clothing but on the odd occasion it’s too bad we’ll be inside the clubhouse or pavilion.  We try to run some quizzes, maybe show some appropriate DVDs, which will usually be cricket related and aim to keep everyone amused as much as possible with a range of activities but there won’t be any indoor cricket other than possibly the favourite “Changing Room Cricket” which everyone loves!


End of the Day and Extended Day

At pick up we ask you to sign your child out and make sure you’ve taken everything home.  We have extended days available for an additional 30 minutes before and one hour after at most camps at additional cost. 


What next

Book online!


If you have any questions about our camps & courses please give us a call on 03455 20 20 29 or email us.

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