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Cricket Courses - Frequently Asked Questions


What can the children expect to be doing at the cricket camps?  
The children will be doing age appropriate fun based skills / themed games and will have daily matches. Where possible we may also run hard ball nets for the older, more experienced players.  


What should my child wear?
Comfortable clothes for sport and trainers can be worn (no football shirts please).  Some children like to wear their cricket whites.  If cricket spikes are worn, please also bring trainers.  Twenty20 Cricket shirts can be 
purchased online if you so wish.  


My child really wants to attend but has never played before, is that ok? 
Our camps are aimed at those with some experience and will have large elements of hard ball cricket. 


Are girls and boys allowed on the course?
Yes, no problem we often have girls on our courses.


Will there be any hardball cricket?
Yes. Our camps will have hard ball games and potentially some hard ball nets each day.


Will I need to provide any equipment?
If you have it, please bring along your full kit but remember it’s your responsibility to look after it.  An abdominal protector (box) is essential as is appropriate underwear (e.g. not boxer shorts) so the box does not move around when you run!


What happens at the start and end of the day?
The children must be registered by the adult bringing them each day at the registration desk before the start of their sessions. 


Will the children have a break? 
The children will have a number of breaks in the morning and afternoon when they can have drinks and snacks they have brought with them.  Water will be available to top up drinks bottles. 

Are the coaches DBS checked?
All of our 18 year old plus coaches have an up to date DBS clearance check and lead coaches also have first aid and safeguarding children certificates.


Are you insured? 
All coaches are insured through our company insurance.

What happens in bad weather at your outdoor camps?
We will try to stay outside as much as possible but there will be times when that is not possible.


Each venue has an inside area where we will entertain the children. Depending on venue this might be watching DVDs, playing Top Trumps, running quizzes, etc. If it is raining in the morning still bring your child for other indoor activities.  We will aim to go outside at the earliest available opportunity.

What are the staff children ratios?
Typically there will be no more than 10 children for every coach.

What happens if I want to drop off or pick up my child later?
Parents needing to pick up and drop off children outside the camp hours may do so at extra cost.  Please see the booking form for information.

Once the camp has started can I book extra days?
Yes just ask at the registration desk each afternoon or morning or call our camps hotline, 03455 20 20 29.

We ask that all parents sign the register on arrival at the camp and sign out your child at the end of the day.  If you allow your child to make their own way to and from the camp we will need written confirmation from you as soon as the booking has been made.  

In the summer, each day the groups are made up of children of similar age and ability.  If however your child does not feel they are in the correct group please ask them to approach the coach or you may advise us at registration.  Equally if your child wants to be in the same group as a friend we will also do our best to accommodate this.  Indoors the courses are much smaller and the group will typically be of a similar age.


Please make sure your child has drinks, snacks and lunch for each day. Please do not bring any foods containing nuts as we generally have children with allergies.


Lost Property
Please make sure your child’s clothing and equipment is clearly labelled. If you do notice your child has lost an item of clothing or equipment please mention it to one of the coaches the next day. In most cases the lost property is left at the venue to ease collection. 

Suntan Lotion
If a hot day is expected, please make sure your child already arrives with suntan lotion on.  It is a good idea to send extra cream so that they are able to reapply during the day.  We may have extra suntan cream for those who forget but for safeguarding reasons we are not allowed to apply it.


Extended Days
Extended days are available for parents, at some venues, who find an earlier drop off and/or later pick up is more suitable.  During these extended hours, children will be supervised by our coaching team but no organised activities will take place.  Extended days are subject to demand and if we have insufficient children you will be notified and refunded the extended day surplus.

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